Where we operate

Our company has been operating for a long time on the Slovak market as the exclusive representative of PerkinElmer in the field of top laboratory and diagnostic technologies. In addition, we also focus on development and implementation in the field of IT, digitization and automation of processes.

Digitisation in healthcare

Digitisation of healthcare improves access, efficiency and quality of healthcare while reducing the costs associated with providing a basic patient examination. We focus on the development and implementation of digital tools and technologies such as electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine, virtual health platforms, mobile applications, and analytics tools. We also see here the opportunity to provide fast, high-quality information for statistical needs in order to evaluate society-wide health indicators (e.g. number and development of cancers in society with respect to gender, age) and thus also contribute to maintaining a healthy society and to the efficient delivery of health care.

Laboratory technology and biotechnology

They represent an integral part of the development of digitalisation in healthcare. Also, biotechnology is now a dynamically developing field used in almost every industry, including healthcare or medicine.

In this area, we are successfully implementing state-of-the-art technologies of Revvity, which, as a leader in this field, have the potential to improve the early diagnosis of genetic and metabolic diseases through automated processes and robotization, taking into account the latest trends in the sector and their processing and, where appropriate, improvement within the company’s research and development activities.

Chemical technology industry

For over 25 years, our company has been at the forefront of the chemical technology industry, in partnership with PerkinElmer, in introducing Quality Assurance processes and technologies that contribute to speeding up and improving production, as well as saving production costs and raw materials. Our goal in this area is to ensure maximum output with minimum raw material inputs and thus also contribute to reducing negative environmental impacts and thus to sustainable development.

Our successful projects

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Implementation of an automated line for the Newborn Screening Centre of the DFNsP in Banská Bystrica and its subsequent connection to the hospital's LIMS

Banská Bystrica

Development of NIS (Intramed) for processing PAX records for Novamed s.r.o. polyclinic, which enables the daily operation of the polyclinic until today

Banská Bystrica

Development and implementation of LIMS for Celně technickú laboratoř (CTL), General Directorate of Customs of the Czech Republic, as a client-server application and subsequent successful transformation of the application into new technologies and web environment in accordance with the customer's requirements

Czech republic